We Honor Central Vermont Vets - Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice

We Honor Central Vermont Vets

Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice (CVHHH) has adopted an innovative model to serve central Vermont Veterans who are nearing the end of life. The Veteran-to-Veteran (Vet-to-Vet) Volunteer Program pairs Veteran volunteers with Veterans being served by CVHHH’s hospice team. Hospice care is provided wherever a person resides, at home or in a nursing or assisted-living facility.

Nicole Dupont, CVHHH’s Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, left, is recruiting Veterans interested in supporting hospice patients who are also Vets. “Veterans and their families benefit from the camaraderie created by pairing Vets with Vets,” she says. “Veteran volunteers can related to their clients’ experiences, which can be a comfort to a person as they near the end of their life.”

Veteran volunteers provide support on an as-needed basis for patients on hospice. Responsibilities can include respite, running errands, companionship, and reading, among other tasks. Veteran volunteers can also take part in pinning ceremonies, distribution of certifications, and they can provide assistance replacing lost medals and in accessing Veteran benefits.

Tim Shea, Director of Finance and the Head of Procurement for National Life Group in Montpelier, right, served for two years in the U.S. Navy in the early 1990s. He is active as a volunteer at CVHHH, including as a hospice volunteer. “Volunteering is something that’s resonated with me for quite some time, and my experiences are diverse. My prior experience as a Vet can create a bond with another person, which adds to the intimacy of the connection.”

CVHHH is hosting a hospice volunteer training in January. For more information, contact Nicole DuPont, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, at 802-223-1878, ext. 2285, or ndupont@cvhhh.org.