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Joe Aldsworth of Barre City Named Community Partner of the Year

Joe Aldsworth of Barre City Named Community Partner of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Joe Aldsworth, Deputy Chief of Fire and EMS and Deputy Emergency Management Director for the City of Barre, is our 2021 Community Partner of the Year. Every year, CVHHH names an individual, family, or local business as its Community Partner of the Year for going above and beyond to support our mission and work in Central Vermont. Pictured, Sandy Rousse, CVHHH’s CEO, with Joe Aldsworth, second from right, and members of the Barre City EMS team in April, when we gave Joe his certificate of recognition and collaboration.

When the pandemic hit last year, Sandy connected with Joe to discuss ways to collaborate to serve homebound Central Vermonters, especially individuals receiving services from multiple community-based providers like housing, mental health, and CVHHH. “Joe is a natural at creating alignment across the care continuum,” said Sandy. Like Sandy, Joe is an advocate for open communication and collaboration to improve the patient’s experience of care. “Joe and his team care about the individuals whose homes they are called to. They are more than first responders.”

“Part of my job is to make sure that Barre City residents get what they need,” said Joe. “It makes sense to have a conversation with all of a person’s providers, including CVHHH. This makes a better environment for the patient and creates a better quality of life for them.” CVHHH is proud to continue to build a working partnership with Joe Aldsworth and his team and hopes to use it as a model for outreach with EMS teams in its service area. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Joe and his team and the value they provide to the Barre City community,” said Sandy.

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