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Letter from Juliet Barash, February Appeal Honorary Chair

Welcome Juliet Barash, of Waterbury Center, Vermont, as our February Appeal Honorary Chair. A copy of Juliet’s letter was mailed to CVHHH supporters in February.

Dear Friends of CVHHH,

If I had only one wish, it would be for more peace and compassion in the world. I am truly grateful for Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice and for the peace, compassion, and excellent end-of-life care for David and our family when we needed it most – before, during, and after he passed away. David was the love of my life, and he died in February of 2020, at age 64, just before the pandemic shutdowns began. He was happy with the life he’d been given and that he was able to fulfill his wish to die at home with grace and dignity. We couldn’t have done it alone.

David and I, like many others, thought Hospice was for the last days of life when death is close. Our experience taught us that Hospice is a holistic service that enhances the last chapter of a person’s life and supports them through the transition to death. The opportunity to enroll David in Hospice far in advance of his death provided him and our family a significant amount of comfort. CVHHH’s Hospice team delivered exceptional and professional medical care and ushered and supported David and me with kindness, careful observation, and education. When the cancer swept through David’s body, his nurse responded quickly and effectively. The Hospice team helped David and me and our family feel a heightened level of comfort, which only enriched the experience.

In mid-winter of 2020, as the pandemic turned the world upside-down, I was adjusting to the impacts of my personal loss and living in isolation. Fortunately, by the spring, I joined a virtual CVHHH bereavement group for people grieving the loss of a loved one. It was a deep and meaningful experience that led to much resilience, healing, and growth. More recently, I was trained as a CVHHH Hospice volunteer and have enjoyed sitting vigil and providing respite for caregivers, among other tasks. These experiences remind me that I am blessed with priceless, touching moments, witnessing the beauty, strength, and wisdom in others.

I offer my warm and deep appreciation for CVHHH Hospice team members, who are gentle, kind-hearted, and provide outstanding and professional comfort and care. This includes Diana Moore, CVHHH’s Bereavement Coordinator, whose compassion and expertise helped me heal.

We are lucky to live in Central Vermont. Transitions in all our lives will keep coming. I invite you to join me in supporting CVHHH to show your appreciation in ways that will positively impact our hearts and community.

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