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Meet our People

CVHHH Home Care Nurse Cassie Bickford
Cassie Bickford, Home Care Nurse and Pandemic Powerhouse

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Cassie, who works in Barre, stepped up and dug in and continued to provide personalized, high-quality medical care to her patients at home.

Cassie is not like other nurses. She is a home health nurse. Cassie understands that in spite of what’s going on in the world – even a global pandemic – people still need care, and they want to receive that care at home. CVHHH is proud of the fact that we remained open for business for the duration of the pandemic. This is because of people like Cassie. Learn about the benefits of working as a Home Care Nurse at CVHHH and apply.

CVHHH Personal Care Attendant Mary Jo
Mary Jo Bishop, Personal Care Attendant and Future Nurse

Mary Jo is passionate about helping others. She is currently training to become an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT. While Mary Jo works as a PCA at CVHHH, we are helping her pay for coursework to earn her Licensed Nursing Assistant, or LNA, certification. All PCAs are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement support.

Mary Jo says that she loves working at CVHHH because she loves being with people. “I love being there for my clients, and I love helping them with activities like meal preparation, light housework, dressing, and companionship. I cherish the connections I make with my clients.” All PCAs at CVHHH make a starting wage of $15/hour, regardless of experience.

View the PCA job description and apply.

CVHHH Home Care Nurse Erin
Erin Clark, Home Care Nurse and Working Mother

Erin needed a job that gave her a flexible enough schedule to support her school-aged children’s needs. She found this, and a fulfilling career as a home care nurse, at CVHHH. Erin says that she is a natural caregiver and that she develops close, trusting relationships with her patients. They feel connected to her and ask for her by name. At CVHHH, Erin calls on skills that she’s accumulated throughout her professional life, including coordination, organization, and communication, which help her in her work with patients. Learn about the benefits of working as a Home Care Nurse at CVHHH and apply.

CVHHH Clinician Maggie Weiss
Maggie Weiss, Speech-Language Pathologist

Maggie holds a graduate degree in Communication Sciences from University of Vermont and connects her desire to pursue Speech-Language Pathology with her family’s love of English: “I come from a long line of English majors and wanted to work with speech articulation and language. I was especially inspired by a friend’s daughter who had speech and language delays due to hearing loss that was not diagnosed in infancy.” Maggie is inspired to help people in our community achieve their personal communication and cognition goals by regaining skills and abilities and by learning how to compensate for these skills through exercise and therapy. Learn about the benefits of a career at CVHHH and apply.

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