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Skilled Nursing Care

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Home Care Nurses at CVHHH are experienced, licensed professionals who are trained to provide a full range of hospital-level medical care in your home. We believe that home is the best place to receive skilled nursing care, and we will work closely with your medical provider to ensure that you are getting the care you need to heal and regain your strength, maintain your independence, and experience the best-possible quality of life.

Our Home Care Nurses can help you make the transition home after a hospital or facility stay, after surgery, or if you’ve been injured. If you are living with a chronic disease such as heart disease, COPD, diabetes, or high blood pressure, we can provide medical care, education, and support to help you manage your condition and avoid a trip to the hospital.

We provide the following Skilled Nursing services at home. To learn more, or to inquire about setting up care, contact a member of our team using the form below.

  • Assessment of your physical status
  • Complex wound care, including dressing changes, vacuum-assisted closure, PICC-line maintenance and care, and amputation dressing changes
  • Chronic disease management, including for diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, and heart failure
  • High-tech services, such as IV antibiotic infusions and parenteral nutrition
  • Education about your disease
  • Medication review and help managing your daily regimen
  • Pain and symptom management with our Palliative Care specialists
  • Your Nurse-Case Manager will coordinate your care with other CVHHH disciplines, including Rehab Therapy, Social Work, Licensed Nursing Assistants, and Personal Care, as well as with your medical provider and other community providers.
Kim LaGue, PT, Chief Operating Officer
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