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Rehab Therapy Services

rehab therapy in Vermont

Our Rehab Therapy team provides a range of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services to Central Vermonters at home. Whatever your need or circumstance, we will work in partnership with your medical provider and with the other members of your CVHHH Home Care team to help you set and reach meaningful goals and to regain your independence. For some people, this means getting back to doing routine activities of daily life such as dressing, bathing, walking, eating, and cooking. For others, it means resuming recreational activities like playing golf, biking, and skiing, or knitting, painting, or crocheting.

Here are some of our services. For more information, or to inquire about a specific service, use the form at the bottom of this page to reach a member of our Rehab Therapy team.

  • Physical Therapy Services – Physical Therapists at CVHHH work one-on-one with you on strength-building exercises to help you regain your balance, mobility, and independence at home following a fall, injury, or surgery, or if you have a progressive neurological disease such as Parkinson’s. Physical Therapists also conduct in-home safety assessments to minimize your fall risk and can make home-safety recommendations as needed. For individuals living with chronic lung diseases like COPD, we provide education and energy-conservation techniques to optimize your quality of life.
  • Occupational Therapy Services – Services focus on supporting you with activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, cooking, and eating), providing adjustments to your home and daily routine, and making recommendations for adaptive equipment in your home to maximize independence. Occupational Therapists at CVHHH specialize in providing in-home care after joint-replacement surgery (including arm, shoulder, and/or wrist surgery), stroke, or a cardiac event such as bypass surgery or a heart attack. In addition, members of our Occupational Therapy team are certified to provide care for individuals living with dementia and other memory disorders.
  • Speech-Language Pathology – Speech-Language Pathologists at CVHHH work one-on-one with individuals living with neurological or degenerative diseases, and with people recovering from surgery or a traumatic brain injury, with a focus on helping you maintain your ability to speak, communicate, and swallow.
Carrie Mancini, PT, WCC, Rehab Therapy Coordinator
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