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Telemonitor Services

telemonitor services in Vermont

78% of Vermonters over 65 agree: “What I’d like is to stay in my home for as long as possible.”

Telemonitor Services in Vermont

Telemonitor services are a way of providing remote care, support, and education to Central Vermonters at home via the use of hand-held tablets equipped with video and audio functionality. Patients can use their telemonitor tablet to communicate with their CVHHH clinician, primary care provider or specialist, and with family members.

Telemonitors can be used for Central Vermonters of all ages. Many of our telemonitor clients say that having a telemonitor in their home made them feel safe – knowing they have a regular connection with, and easy access to, a nurse – and improved engagement with their disease process. With telemonitor services, CVHHH can keep close track of your vital signs (blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, weight) and catch potential exacerbations before a visit to the emergency department is required. This level of interaction is especially valuable for Central Vermonters living with high-risk chronic conditions like heart and lung disease and hypertension.

Telemonitors makes it easy for CVHHH to stay in touch with you and to provide in-home, remote supports that complement the in-person care our skilled clinicians and personal care attendants provide. To learn more about telemonitor services at home for yourself or a loved one, use the form below to contact Alayna Martell, RN, Telehealth-Nurse Manager.

Why Telemonitor Services Work
You become an active partner in your care.
Reduce hospitalizations and ER visits
We can catch problematic changes in your health before a visit to the hospital or ER is needed.
By taking your vital signs daily, you gain an understanding of your disease process.
Over time, and with the support of our nurses, you can better manage your disease.
Regular contact with our Telehealth Nurse is a valuable line of communication.
Alayna Martel Telehealth Registered Nurse
Alayna Martel, RN, Telehealth-Nurse Manager
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