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Community Clinics & Support Groups

As part of our mission, we offer several free and low-cost community clinics and support groups to help Central Vermonters maintain their health and wellness. Information about these offerings is below.

Foot care community clinics

Public Foot-Care Community Clinics

We offer public foot-care clinics at convenient locations in Central Vermont multiple times a month. The cost is $25 cash or check.

Someone just got their flu shot

Public Flu Vaccine Community Clinics

Getting the flu vaccine every year is an easy step you can take to protect yourself and your family from getting sick from the flu. The vaccine significantly reduces the likelihood that you will get sick from the flu and minimizes the impact of respiratory illness in our community and in our schools.

Bereavement counselor consoles people attending grief support group

Grief Support Groups

Groups are led by Diana Moore, CVHHH’s Bereavement Coordinator, in six-week blocks. Groups focus on learning about coping with grief through the receiving and offering of support and by sharing personal experiences. Support groups offer a safe, supportive environment, and information shared during meetings stays in the group setting. Groups are free and open to the public.

Emily McKenna, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
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