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Why I Support CVHHH in 2023

Meet six individuals who want to ensure Central Vermonters can continue to access high-quality care at home.

Town Meeting Day is just around the corner. Every year, CVHHH requests funding from each of the 23 communities in our service area. In most of the communities, the town funding request is wrapped into the town budget, while in some communities, the request is voted on as an individual line item. We use the same formula across all 23 towns to determine the amount of funds we request.

Town funding has a long and storied history in Vermont. It is a way for neighbors to help neighbors, many of whom have received care from CVHHH or know someone who benefited from care at home from CVHHH. Town funds help us make up the difference in the value of the care we provide to over 3,000 Central Vermonters every year and what we are reimbursed.

Town funding is a way to strengthen the fabric of our communities and build resilience by ensuring that our friends and neighbors can continue to access medical care at home. We connected with Central Vermonters who support CVHHH as donors, volunteers, and sponsors to understand their reasons for giving to CVHHH. Everyone’s connection to CVHHH is unique, and we are honored to have such a diverse and generous group of supporters.

Gail Graham | Calais, Vermont

Gail is a retired registered nurse who lives on a sprawling family farm in Calais. Gail has direct experience with home care in Vermont and other states through her career as a nurse-investigator and as a CVHHH patient. Gail and her parents utilized home health care and hospice services. These days, Gail advocates on behalf of CVHHH with her selectboard and on her local Front Porch Forum.

“Being familiar with different types of nursing and healthcare providers, I know we are so fortunate here in Central Vermont to have what we have. Because of the value we get from CVHHH, I think Calais should send more money. That’s the way I feel about it. Until people have to use [the services], they don’t understand.”

Dan Armstrong | Montpelier, Vermont

Dan Armstrong CVHHH supporter 
and Vermont Lazerwash owner

Dan is the owner of the busy VT Lazerwash carwash in Montpelier. When we spoke, Dan shared that CVHHH cared for his grandfather and other family members. “Having someone come to your house and know what to do and take care of your family is phenomenal,” he said.

Though Dan is a generous supporter of the Central Vermont business community, CVHHH is the only organization he supports financially. “It seems like the most obvious, important thing, especially for end-of-life care, when no one knows what to do. Having CVHHH in your corner is really important. We’re Vermonters, and we have to take care of our neighbors.”

Alice Ennis | Graniteville, Vermont

Alice recalls the commitment of the CVHHH hospice clinicians who cared for her father at the end of his life. “When hospice says they are going to be there, they are there. The mindset is ‘what can I do for you?’”

Alice supports CVHHH as a donor and hospice volunteer, who relieves caregivers and provides valuable companionship to hospice patients at home. Alice looks at her support of CVHHH as her civic responsibility. “We all have to help one another. It’s the Vermont way of life. If you can do it, you can do it. If you can’t, you can’t. But, I can, so I need to do it!”

Linda Jackson | Middlesex, Vermont

Linda Jackson received in-home nursing and rehab therapy care following knee replacement surgery at the end of 2022.

Linda Jackson, CVHHH former patient and supporter

Linda wanted to support a locally-based home care provider and selected CVHHH upon discharge from the hospital. “The care was amazing, from the nurses to the PTs and the OTs. They were friendly and caring and professional and couldn’t have been more flexible. To come home and have people you can call at the drop of a hat that call you back and be here within hours, if necessary, was invaluable.”

Linda was so pleased with her care that she posted a note to her community on Front Porch Forum. “It’s stressful to keep running back to the doctor. The fact that they could come to my house and provide such quality care was huge. It’s a service that you don’t realize is so valuable until you need it!”

Jean Joslin | Waitsfield, Vermont

Jean Joslin, Waitsfield resident and CVHHH supporter

When we connected with Jean, her husband was in the middle of a physical therapy appointment with veteran CVHHH PT Danielle Hampton. Jean’s father utilized CVHHH’s hospice services when he died almost 30 years ago. Since then, Jean has supported CVHHH as a board member, fundraising appeal chair, and event volunteer.

The experience with hospice care for her father showed Jean the incredible value that CVHHH brings to patients and their families. “I couldn’t have been more thankful, and it was not just for the medical care. It was also for the emotional support and getting information every day about what to expect next. It was real wraparound support for the family.”

Jean believes it’s important to support CVHHH through town funding. “If it’s not one of your family members, it could be your neighbor. It’s so varied who might need help. If the town doesn’t collectively support this service, we are not taking care of our citizens.” Jean adds that it matters that, often times, patients personally know many of their CVHHH clinicians and caregivers. “The CVHHH staff are visible in the community. They’re not strangers when they come in.”

Mary Norman | Williamstown, Vermont

Mary Norman, Gardens owner and CVHHH supporter

Mary has owned The Gardens, an assisted-living facility in Williamstown, Vermont, for several decades. Though she does not reside in CVHHH’s service area, Mary has been a trusted CVHHH partner. Her experience in the healthcare field as a provider helped her to see the value of the care we bring to people at home.

“Community members can’t stay in their community without the support CVHHH provides. People would lose their neighbors without the support. For a person to be able to stay in the community they grew up in, and where their families live, to support this is fabulous.”

We value the support of all our community members, and we urge you to vote yes for CVHHH’s town funding request this year.

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