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Why We Support CVHHH | Stories from Our Donors

As we head into Thanksgiving, we want to express our deep gratitude for our incredible community by sharing stories from seven Central Vermont families who support CVHHH. The families come from all over our service area. We want to celebrate their individuality, generosity, and commitment. They, and all of our donors, make it possible for CVHHH to continue to care for Central Vermonters in the comfort and safety of home. Stay tuned later today for stories.

Millie and John Merrill, Waterbury Center

“CVHHH fills a niche in the community that, in our mind, is extremely crucial and isn’t filled any other way.”

Millie and John became connected with CVHHH when their daughter-in-law needed hospice care at home. “We were just very, very impressed with the service and could not have done it without you in the end,” says Millie. “We should have had CVHHH come in sooner, but when you did it was fabulous.” The Merrills give to several local organizations that they believe make a direct impact in their community. To them, home health and hospice is a critical service. We are so grateful for their support!

Priscilla Gilbert, East Montpelier

“Why do I support CVHHH? It’s the personal community connection.”

Scilla, a longtime Seasons of Life volunteer and supporter (and model with her family), utilized our Maternal-Child Health services after her twins were born. Scilla says that she believes healthcare isn’t just about medicine. “It’s about our mental and emotional states, and having someone who shows that they care can make all the difference.” The care that CVHHH gives to people who are in need can be that difference, she says.

Megan Cicio, Northfield

“A huge part of healing is being in your home environment.”

Today, we are talking to Megan Cicio of Northfield. Megan’s Nana received care from CVHHH at the end of her life, and the experience inspired Megan to give back! Megan served on CVHHH’s Board of Directors, including a stint as Board Chair, and supports our annual golf tournament and fashion show. Megan says she encourages her friends and neighbors to support CVHHH. “Especially right now, anyone who can maintain their home base as the place they receive care, that is a good thing. CVHHH has done as much as they can to keep patients and staff safe. No donation to the organization is too small.”

Jane and John Valentine, Roxbury

“Home health is what people want right now.”

John is an oncologist who practiced for 35 years at Central Vermont Medical Center and was one of the earliest physicians in our community to partner with CVHHH to bring hospice to people at home. Jane worked for years in the lab at CVMC and then in CVHHH’s Medical Records Department. The Valentines are longtime supporters of CVHHH, including as annual golf tournament sponsors. They recognize the importance of home care for patients and their families, and John says that there is no other mechanism to provide these services at home. “It’s really a specialty type of nursing, just like intensive care or hospital nursing is specialty. Home care is something I really believe in, and I really want to support it.”

Brian and Karen Zecchinelli, Barre

“CVHHH touches so many lives.”

Brian and Karen Zecchinelli of the Wayside Restaurant in Barre really know their food! The Zecchinellis called CVHHH when their son, Nick, was discharged from a month-long stint at Dartmouth. Nick had support from a range of clinicians, but he and his family have especially fond memories of working with Wendy Watson, Nick’s Occupational Therapist. “CVHHH helps families get through the days that can seem insurmountable,” says Karen. “It’s nice just to have that smiling face at the door. You can take a breath of fresh air and feel grateful that someone is going to help.”

Mary & Peter Hood, Middlesex

“We are really blessed to have CVHHH in our community.”

Today, we’re talking to Mary and Peter Hood, who experienced CVHHH’s care first-hand for Peter’s mother, when she received hospice care at the Hood’s home in Middlesex. Mary says that CVHHH’s hospice nurses are angels. “They appeared when they were supposed to and gave me and Peter a chance to have dinner together. CVHHH was essential for our being able to care for Eleanor, and we are just so grateful they were there for us and for Eleanor.” Mary has served on CVHHH’s Board of Directors for many years and always speaks on CVHHH’s behalf at Middlesex’s Town Meeting Day. Mary says that she believes CVHHH gives so much to the communities it serves. This is why she supports CVHHH!

Ed & Trish Read, Fayston

“It’s reassuring to know there’s an organization that is fully dedicated to the care and wellbeing of Central Vermonters.”

Ed is a volunteer member of CVHHH’s Finance Committee and Board of Directors, and he and Trish experienced CVHHH’s care when Trish’s father, Len, was dying. CVHHH’s hospice nurses and personal care attendants took care of Len, and Trish and her mother, in a way that made a mark on the family. “The care that CVHHH provided in Len’s last few days were nothing short of remarkable.”

CVHHH is grateful for the support of Ed and Trish and all of our donors. Join this group of generous and compassionate individuals.