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Our Quality Team Reaches for the Stars

Julia Dalphin, HACP, CVHHH’s Chief Quality Officer, is reaching for the stars.

Working side-by-side with members of her quality team, pictured, she is creating a vision for CVHHH’s future. “I want to use data to drive patient outcomes and to ensure that CVHHH meets the highest standards of medical care.” She admits that the work isn’t fancy. “It’s centered around the patient, and that is what matters.”

Members of CVHHH's Quality Team, including Chief Quality Officer Julia Dalphin

Julia and her team gather and analyze data from several sources, patient and family surveys, hospitalization rates, electronic medical records, and patient clinical outcomes, which they use to identify trends and areas of opportunity. The data tells them how well CVHHH is meeting clients’ needs and providing a consistent and positive experience of care. The data also tells them how well CVHHH is meeting goals set for the organization by Medicare, which rates agencies like CVHHH on a star-based system.

Meet the Team

Members of our Quality team bring decades of experience across clinical disciplines, from nursing and physical therapy to wound care, radiation technology, and the regulatory environment. They work collaboratively with visiting staff and caregivers to ensure that CVHHH is executing its mission.

Members of the team are pictured (from left to right): Sara Sikora, RN, Nurse-Quality Manager; Alayna Martel, RN, Teleheath Manager; Julia Dalphin, HACP, Chief Quality Officer; Trisha Hunt, Data Analyst, RTT, MBA; Carrie Mancini, PT, WCC, Rehab Clinical Lead Coordinator.

“The healthcare system is stressed, especially after the past 20 months with the coronavirus, and we will need to see more care provided safely at home,” says Julia. “If I can help affect a better experience for staff and patients, that is what I want to be doing.”

CVHHH’s Quality Vision

Julia Dalphin’s vision is rooted in three pillars, which guide the work of the her team.

Training Quality patient care starts with a comprehensive and supportive clinical training program that extends beyond the initial onboarding period. “The learning is ongoing,” says Julia, who recently welcomed Lisa Rice, RN, from Central Vermont Medical Center, to CVHHH’s quality team as Quality Nurse Educator.

Telehealth Telehealth is an effective and cost-efficient complement to the care that CVHHH provides on the ground and in clients’ homes. It allows us to keep in close touch with our clients and to provide meaningful check-ins and checkups with Central Vermonters via video and phone visits.

Data “Data tells a story,” says Trisha Hunt, CVHHH’s Data Analyst. “You can learn a lot by regularly reviewing data in real time and identifying trends, which help us understand what we’re doing well and where we have opportunities for improvement and to make positive change.”

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