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Give to CVHHH’s Spring Appeal

Appeal chair Jeff Gould wants to ensure all Central Vermonters can access quality end-of-life care at home.

Here is a copy of the letter Spring Appeal chairs Jeff Gould, of Barre, and his sister, Elizabeth Gould Morris, wrote to Central Vermonters on behalf of the care received for their mother, Barbara Gould.

We are truly honored and humbled to lift up the extraordinary work done by all those involved with CVHHH by sharing our mother, Barbara’s, end-of-life journey.

Our loving mother worked as a nurse in the Central Vermont area for over 50 years, providing compassionate medical care for hundreds of patients. When her own health began to fail, just weeks after her retirement at the age of 75, mom began to experience the medical community from a different perspective. Mom’s physical struggles and challenges persisted for five long years until her quality of life was so diminished, she no longer had the will or strength to carry on. Mom independently made the decision to let go of the mountain of pills keeping her alive.

It was at this difficult moment that CVHHH’s Hospice team stepped in to support our family. They swooped in and embraced us with the kindness and vital information we needed to carry us through this painful time. They sat down with us and explained precisely what to expect over the coming days. They provided us with material to read and let us know we could reach out with questions and concerns at any time. The nurses involved made certain that mom was given the medication needed to keep her comfortable and at peace.

Paramount to everything was the fact that our mom was allowed to stay in her own room at an assisted-living facility in Montpelier where she was residing. This was an amazing gift. She was surrounded by her treasured photos and mementos that made her feel so comfortable and safe. Dear friends who she spent endless hours with over the years came to her room and surrounded her with love and support. Extended family members sat at her bedside and shared final stories and sentiments. It is impossible to express what this meant to our family. It was gut-wrenchingly sad and indescribably beautiful all at the same time.

We cannot imagine where we would have been without Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice. Mom received the same high-quality care in her final days that she so valued and sought to provide for others during her entire nursing career. We will be forever grateful.

We respectfully ask you to join us today to donate to CVHHH. Simply click the button below to support CVHHH’s work in our community. Your gift ensures that families like ours can access the loving care and one-on-one support in the comfort of home at a time when it matters most.

With sincere gratitude,

Jeff Gould & Elizabeth Gould Morris

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