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Two Central Vermonters Hired to Clinical-Operational Roles

We are thrilled to welcome two Central Vermonters, Trisha Hunt and Aimil Parmelee, to key clinical-operational roles. CVHHH’s strategic plan emphasizes utilizing data to improve quality and clinical outcomes. Trish and Aimil are integral to helping CVHHH meet important operational and clinical outcomes that, ultimately, will lead to improved care for Central Vermonters.

Trisha Hunt brings 25 years of clinical and healthcare managerial experience to her role as Data Analyst. Before joining CVHHH, Trisha worked as a Radiation Therapist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Previously, she served in two leadership roles at Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) – Assistant VP of Support Services/Administrator at Woodridge Rehabilitation & Nursing and as Director of Radiation Oncology at the National Life Cancer Treatment Center. Trisha holds an M.B.A. in Leadership and is licensed as a Radiation Therapist and Nursing Home Administrator. She is Lean Six Sigma Certified.

In her role, Trisha works closely with CVHHH’s senior leadership team to harness clinical and quality outcome data to drive decision making. “My clinical and operational experience allows me to make meaningful connections between process, quality, and outcomes. In my role, I can use my diverse skill set to provide data that is necessary to help CVHHH focus its efforts and provide the best care to Central Vermonters.” Trisha lives in Washington with her husband and two teenage children.

Aimil Parmelee is trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked for eight years for CVHHH as a visiting clinician in the Mad River Valley and in Waterbury before taking on her current role as Complex Care Coordinator. Aimil also has experience working in an outpatient setting at the CVMC Neurorehabilitation Program.

In her role, Aimil facilitates, supports, and coordinates care for individuals who are receiving CVHHH services at home and who are attributed to OneCare, the accountable care organization. Aimil supports CVHHH clinicians in the field who are working with patients who are living with chronic conditions and who are at high risk for hospitalization. “I am the home health connection with a person’s community providers, and I collaborate with a person’s healthcare providers to facilitate better care for individuals and to bring attention to issues that may not come up during an office visit. I have the bird’s-eye view of a client’s path toward wellness and what supports are needed.” Aimil studied management and mathematics at Simmons College and lives in Randolph Center with her family. Aimil serves on the Vermont Occupational Therapy Association board as the regional representative for Central Vermont.

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