Tips to Avoid a Fall this Winter

How to Walk Safely on the Ice and Snow

A simple trip or fall walking from the car to your front door could change your life. You could break a bone or worse. Here are four tips to take through the winter to reduce your risk of a slip or fall.

  • Wear the Right Footwear Wear shoes with a good treat to improve traction, and consider a studded overshoe, like Yaktrax, for additional support. Avoid heels and leather soles.
  • Keep Winter Supplies Close Keep a shovel and salt near your entryway, and create a winter safety kit for your car with a small shovel and salt, or kitty litter, to sprinkle in front of you as you walk.
  • Exercise Maintain your strength. Leg and core muscles are important to help you maintain balance.
  • Walk Like a Penguin Extend your arms at your sides and spread your feet slightly. Keep your knees loose, and shuffle side to side rather than taking big steps forward.