We know that the experiences of giving birth and childrearing can be emotional, joyous and, sometimes, stressful time filled with questions and excitement. Our Maternal-Child Health nurses provide care to you and your baby leading up to, and after, birth to ensure that you and your child are safe, comfortable and happy at home.

When Maternal-Child Health is Right For You

If you and your family, or your physician, feel that you would benefit from the support of in-home Maternal-Child care.

Maternal-Child Health Services

  • Lactation support available seven days a week in your home. All insurances accepted.
  • CVHHH lactation nurses can help with starting breastfeeding, ongoing issues or feeding assessments, supporting the transition back to work and information about weaning.
  • Our nurses are also a reliable and educated resource for information about childbirth, nutrition, child development, language development, parenting skills, positive discipline, sleep habits and much more.
  • You and your family may be eligible for visits prenatally, post-partum, infancy and into early childhood.
  • Supplemental supports for children with special health needs, including, if your child is eligible, expressive therapies (dance, art, music and play), mental health counseling, help coordinating services and respite care.
  • Medical nursing so that you and your child can receive care in the home and focus on recovery. Nurse assessments, blood pressure checks, wound care, bilirubin and other infant blood draws, feeding and weight assessment and much more.
  • Strong Families Vermont program matches you with a personal nurse who will partner with you through pregnancy, birth and the first two years after birth. A program designed to give personalized support of someone you can trust who will focus on you and your child’s needs and goals.
  • Connecting you with community supports.


Proud to partner with Strong Families Vermont and the State of Vermont to provide comprehensive in-home care for you and your family.



Frequently Asked Questions

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