78% of Vermonters over the age of 65 agree: “What I’d like is to stay in my home for as long as possible.” Our Telemonitor Program gives you—or your mother, father or loved one—the tools to stay safely at home. Telemonitors are easy-to-use, portable devices that prompt you daily to measure and record vital signs. Information is transmitted to Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice, where our Telehealth Nurse reviews the data. Care is coordinated with your visiting home health nurse and your physician.

When Telemonitor Services are Right for You

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, a telemonitor may be right for you:

  • Frequent hospitalizations or emergency room visits
  • Living with chronic disease such as heart disease or respiratory disorders
  • Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure
  • Poorly controlled diabetes
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • You are already using home health services and your physician or home health nurse thinks a telemonitor could be helpful
  • Your elderly mother, father or family member lives far away from you and could benefit from regular monitoring by a skilled nurse


Meet Betty — A Telemonitor Success

“My telemonitor makes me feel safe.”

Betty, of Williamstown, takes her vital signs — including weight, blood oxygen and blood pressure — every day using her telemonitor. It takes her only about 15 minutes and helps her better manage her Congestive Heart Failure. Listen to Betty talk about how the telemonitor works, in her own words.


Why Telemonitors Work

  • Engagement You become an active partner in your care
  • Education By taking your vital signs daily, and through regular interaction with our Telehealth Nurse, you gain an understanding of your disease process.
  • Management Over time, and with the support of our nurses, you will be able to better manage your disease.
  • Connectivity Regular contact with our Telehealth Nurse is a valuable line of communication.
  • Reduce Hospitalizations and ER Visits Often, we can catch problematic changes in your health before a visit to the hospital or ER is required. We will call you immediately if any significant changes in your vital signs are reported after daily connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

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