Protecting Our Community: Alert on Fraudulent Calls Impersonating Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice

We want to alert you to a concerning issue that has recently come to our attention – fraudulent phone calls impersonating Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice (CVHHH).

We were alerted that members of our community received calls requesting personal information, such as Medicare numbers, and soliciting donations on behalf of CVHHH. It is crucial to understand that these calls are not associated with Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice.

Taking immediate action, we have collaborated with the appropriate authorities and found that these deceptive “spoofing” calls are targeting several organizations in our area.

At CVHHH, your safety and protection from acts such as this are among our top priorities. In response to this issue, we want to equip our community with essential information to help protect you from falling victim to such fraudulent attempts:

  • No Over-the-Phone Payments: Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice will not contact you to make billing payments or complete donations over the phone.
  • Stay Alert, Stay Safe: If you receive a call from CVHHH and feel uneasy or unfamiliar with the caller, do not disclose any personal information.
  • Hang up and contact our office directly at 802-223-1878. Our dedicated staff will assist you in verifying the legitimacy of the call and connecting you with the appropriate person.

We deeply appreciate your trust in Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice, and we want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to protecting your personal information. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. It is important that we work together to safeguard our community against these fraudulent activities.

Sandy Rousse
President & CEO
Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice

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