Katy Leffel, RN, Maternal-Child Health Manager, Featured on WDEV Radio

Our Maternal-Child Health team of registered nurses and lactation consultants provides prenatal and postpartum care at home for moms and babies. Katy Leffel oversees the MCH team, as it’s known, at CVHHH. Katy recently sat down with Dave Gram, host of The Dave Gram Show on WDEV radio, to talk about MCH program offerings in our community.

The MCH team works with over 60 families in Washington and Orange counties, providing one-on-one in-home nursing care, lactation support, education on caring for baby, growth assessments, emotional support, and help connecting with community resources.

Katy also shared news about Strong Families Vermont, a new care model that offers women long-term, structured support from a nurse through pregnancy, birth, and the child’s first two years.

You can listen to Dave’s and Katy’s conversation below.

To learn more, please contact Katy Leffel via email or at 224-2269.