Heart disease can cause everyday activities to become more challenging, and for some, it can compromise quality of life. Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice can help you maintain your independence by teaching you ways to manage your condition to avoid worsening of symptoms or a hospital visit.

When Heart Disease Care is Right for You

When you experience a change in your condition due to the onset, or worsening, of symptoms, you might benefit from heart disease care. Some common situations when you, or your physician, would request home health include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Short-term illness, such a flu or pneumonia
  • Changes in your medication regimen
  • Difficulty in managing symptoms, such as shortness of breath
  • Inability to perform routine daily activities

Services and Care for Persons with Heart Disease

Your nurse-led home health team will visit you regularly to:

  • Review your goals for care and check-in on progress
  • Discuss your medications and coordinate changes with your physician
  • Make necessary modifications to your diet. See below for more on heart-healthy eating!
  • Teach you strategies to conserve energy

Depending on the specifics of your situation, we may also consider utilizing home telemonitoring technology to provide daily feedback on your progress. While there is no cure for heart disease, you can learn how to better manage your condition so you have the freedom and energy to do the things you most enjoy.

Eating for Your Heart Health

For a quick primer on eating and shopping for your heart health, check out our January-February 2020 Community Service Flier, plus click here to learn more about the American Heart Association’s handy Heart-Check food certification program — a great resource to help you find heart-healthy foods when you’re shopping and eating out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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