CVHHH's COVID-19 Vaccine Plan - Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice

CVHHH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

UPDATED Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Starting mid-April 2021, Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice (CVHHH) will administer the one-dose Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine in accordance with the State of Vermont and Vermont Department of Health guidelines. We will continue to administer the Pfizer vaccine to those individuals who received the Pfizer vaccine for their first dose.

Currently, we are prioritizing homebound Central Vermonters aged 40 and older and individuals aged 16 and older with certain high-risk chronic conditions. We are expanding vaccine distribution based on eligibility criteria, including age band groupings, in accordance with the State of Vermont as follows:

  • March 29: 50 years and older
  • April 5: 40 years and older
  • April 12: 30 years and older
  • April 19: 16 years and older

CVHHH’s vaccine team, led by Ashley Lafirira, RN, and Jodi Demell, LPN, is distributing the vaccine to individuals in the community currently active on CVHHH service who are homebound and unable to go in person to one of the state-run public clinics. We have partnered with local EMS crews, including Waterbury Ambulance, to reach all eligible homebound Central Vermonters, including those not receiving services from us. This is a critically important development in Vermont’s fight to eradicate COVID-19, and CVHHH is a proud partner in this effort. Please get your vaccine!

If you are currently receiving services from CVHHH and are eligible to receive the vaccine, we will call you to schedule an appointment. If you are not on service and have questions about eligibility for yourself or a family member or friend, please call 223-1878 and ask to speak with Emily McKenna.