Healthy feet are essential for healthy living…

…and aging. Healthy, strong feet help you to stay active, maintain your weight and circulation and can reduce the risk of falls. We offer public foot care clinics multiple times a week at senior and community centers throughout central Vermont. Please join us at one of our regular clinics, which are offered year round. We will soak and wash your feet, trim and file your nails and apply soothing lotion.

Starting January 1, 2020, the cost of a foot-care clinic will be $25.00. We accept cash and checks.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and bring clippers, a basin, towel, foot-soak powder and lotion.

View our Public Foot Care Clinic Schedule (current through June 2020)

For more information about our foot care clinics, please contact Ashley Lafirira, RN, using the contact box to the right.

Have questions about our Foot Care Clinics?

Call Ashley Lafirira, RN, Long-Term Care Nurse Coordinator, or use the contact form to the upper right.