Meet Erin

Erin is a Registered Nurse who works on one of our two Home Care teams. She has two school-aged children and needs a nursing job with a regular schedule and limited weekend time. At CVHHH, Erin has a level of flexibility and autonomy that she never experienced in other healthcare settings. She can set and manage her schedule and start her day from home. This gives her control of her day, her life, and her career.

Erin values her independence. At CVHHH, Erin is thriving.

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Competitive Benefits

  • NEW: $7,000 sign-on bonus for RNs and $3,500 LPNs and LNAs hired to work full-time schedules¬†
  • 28 days time off earned in your first year
  • Shift differentials — $4.00/hour for weekend nights; $3.50 for weekend evenings; $2.00 for weekend days
  • Up to $2,000/year to help repay your student loans
  • Up to $2,000/year in tuition assistance for your continuing education and career growth

Flexibility for You & Your Family

  • Start your day from home
  • Manage your visit schedule
  • Limited weekend on-call time

Empowering Independence

  • Work with one person at a time in an environment where your clients are most comfortable, at home
  • Provide targeted, skilled nursing care that helps patients meet their goals
  • Build meaningful relationships with your patients

Have questions about a nursing career at CVHHH?

Contact our Recruiting Specialist, Robin Bador, with your questions about career advancement, salary, and benefits.

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