If you are a physician looking to refer a patient, please download and print our Physician Referral Form here >> Physician Referral Form.


What happens next?

  • After you fill out, sign and date the form, please fax it to our Intake Department at 802-223-6835.
  • Due to high fax volume, some faxes do not get through. If a referral is urgent, please call our Intake Department at 802-224-2211 to confirm that the fax was received. In general, a confirmation call is always the safest option to confirm faxes went through.
  • We review all referrals. If something is unclear or missing, one of our intake nurses will call your office.
  • If all of the information is present, we will process the referral and send it to the appropriate visiting staff.


Have questions about making a referral?

Send us an email using the contact form in the upper-right corner. Or, call us: