Mad River Rotary Grants $2,500 for Telemonitor Program

Thanks to our friends at the Mad River Valley Rotary for the generous donation of $2,500 to support our telehealth program.

What are telemonitors? Telemonitors are easy-to-use, portable electronic devices installed in patients’ homes that provide daily prompts to measure and record vital signs. Information is transmitted to a nurse in our office, and vital signs are monitored seven days a week. Telemonitors are proven tools to reduce emergency room visits and rehospitalizations for patients living with chronic heart and lung disease.

“We will use this money to purchase stethoscopes to remotely monitor the heart and lung sounds of patients living with chronic heart and lung disease,” says Derek Kouwenhoven, RN, Director of Clinical Services. “The stethoscopes connect to our patients’ telemonitors and make it possible for a person’s primary care provider or specialist to assess their condition.” With this level of support, it’s much more likely that a problematic change in a person’s condition or health will be caught before a visit to the hospital or emergency room is required.

“We support what you do,” says Dave Ellison, Treasurer of the MRV Rotary. “We know that the work your organization does makes a positive impact in the Valley, and we believe that what you’re doing is valuable.”

Thanks to our friends at the Mad River Valley Rotary for their generous grant to support our telehealth program.
Do you think you, or a loved one, would benefit from a telemonitor? Visit the telemonitor section of the website for more information.