There are a number of community members who volunteer in our office, providing much-needed clerical support, including filing in our medical records department, assembling mailings and information binders for patients and other similar tasks. This assistance is immensely helpful and appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering in our office, please contact a member of our Community Relations & Development team by using the contact box to the right.


Meet Angelina, Office & Events Volunteer

“CVHHH played a very important role in my life twenty five years ago when I lost my best friend and mother,” says Angelina, who lives in Berlin and works as a paralegal with National Life’s law group. When Angelina’s mother, Velma Eve Bolkum, was diagnosed with lung cancer, CVHHH’s nurses and caregivers kept Velma comfortable and helped Angelina and her family understand what was happening as their mother’s cancer progressed.

Why I Volunteer “As my mother’s health declined, CVHHH was helpful to my family. The process happened so quickly, and I really was in denial. I have always said that I would give back to CVHHH in a meaningful way.” Today, Angelina supports CVHHH as chair of the Seasons of LIfe planning committee and a regular office volunteer.


Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Patient Survey Volunteers Work with our Chief Quality Officer to call current patients and ask questions about satisfaction with CVHHH’s care. Training, and a script, are provided. We are looking for a commitment of about two hours every month.

Public Foot Care & Flu Clinics If you are interested in helping out at our public foot care and annual public flu clinics, please give us a call. Volunteers help check clients in, process payment, set appointments, and help clean-up and sanitize between clients.

Want to Learn More? If you are interested in volunteering in our office or on our behalf in the community, please contact a member of our Community Relations team at 802-224-2234.