CVHHH Partners with Lawson’s Finest Liquids for Charitable Giving Program

We are excited to announce a partnership with Sean and Karen Lawson (pictured) of Lawson’s Finest Liquids, the Waitsfield, Vermont producer of world-famous craft beers, for a Charitable Giving Program in July. 100% of proceeds collected will benefit CVHHH.

For the first two weeks of July, all guests to Lawson’s Finest Taproom & Brewery in Waitsfield will have the opportunity to donate to CVHHH, in lieu of adding a tip to their bill. Taproom and brewery staff do not work for tips. Instead, Sean and Karen Lawson have opted to pay their employees a generous living wage, which includes healthcare and retirement, among other benefits.

Listen Now¬†Sean Lawson and CVHHH’s Emily McKenna talked with with Dave Gram of WDEV’s The Dave Gram Show in early July about this partnership.

“Our no-tip model has allowed Sean and I to run the taproom, retail store, and brewery according to our core values as people and as business owners,” says Karen Lawson. “The Charitable Giving Program allows us to align with organizations whose emission, vision, and values are close to our own. We chose CVHHH because of our personal connection with hospice. Sean’s mother received hospice care out of state at the end of her life. Hospice was like Sean’s angel during a very difficult time. There’s a special place in our hearts for what hospice does for both patients and their caregivers.”

All guests who visit the taproom, retail store, and brewery (left) will be informed about the partnership with CVHHH, and donations can be made using cash or credit cards at the point of sale. Every two weeks, Lawson’s Finest chooses a different organization to receive guest donations through their charitable giving program.

For more information about Lawson’s Finest, including location and hours, visit