tiff and chris at machu picchu, peruAn important part of planning a trip abroad—whether to Mexico for a winter getaway or a more exotic location—is to get the necessary inoculations and immunizations. Our International Travel Health Nurse has in-depth knowledge of current health-related travel conditions and advisories around the world.

Call us to schedule an in-person, or phone, consultation to discuss the required and recommended immunizations for your individual itinerary. Let us do the research and planning so that you can travel safely, comfortably and without worry.

International Traveler Health Services

  • Required and recommended immunizations tailored to your individual itinerary
  • One-on-one health and travel consultations
  • General travel advice related to health and safety abroad
  • Up-to-date advisories for specific countries

All vaccinations are administered by a licensed nurse. We cannot see travelers under the age of 15. If you are 18 years of age or younger, you must be accompanied to your appointment by an adult or legal guardian.

Meet Jane

Jane and Allison Jones Traveler Health CVHHH Jane and Allison Jones Traveler Health CVHHH 2

Jane called Allison Jones, RN, Community Health Promotion Coordinator, as she prepared to depart for a trip to Thailand to visit with her children. Jane and Allison met at our office on Granger Road, where Allison reviewed food and water safety and insect precautions — with a focus on diseases (like dengue, Zika and malaria) transmitted by mosquitos. Allison also gave Jane her Hepatitis A vaccine. In about an hour in-person meeting, Jane got everything she needed to travel safely and enjoy her trip abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

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