2015 Physician Satisfaction Survey Results In

Each year, we survey physicians using a five-point rating scale, with one being the lowest satisfaction rating and five being the highest. The sample of physicians surveyed includes those who referred at least two patients to CVHHH in 2014, as well as physicians in our service area who referred at least one patient. This year, we had a 35% (38 of 109) return rate.

2015 results remain high and closely mirror the 2014 and 2013 scores. Results shown here represent average point scores for each area of satisfaction, with the number of respondents for each area surveyed in parentheses.

Areas rated include:

  • Quality of care
  • Scope of services
  • Ease of referral process
  • Communication between physician practice and CVHHH staff
  • Problem resolution
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Telemonitor Program
  • Better Breathing Program
  • Low Vision Program
  • Travel Health Program
  • Foot Care Clinics

Several physicians commented on frustrations with the Face to Face (F2F) encounter requirements. Would that we could simplify the process!

Fortunately, new documentation requirements for 2015 could alleviate some of the burden on physicians.

  • Upon referral, CVHHH’s Intake department will request a copy of the physician’s F2F encounter with the patient.
  • If more detail is needed to meet Medicare home health requirements, CVHHH will send a form generated from our electronic record, with excerpts from our clinician’s documentation to be completed and signed by the physician and added to the physician’s record.

For detailed information on Face-to-Face documentation requirements, click here.

We hope that this process will reduce the amount of labor that your staff and ours have to devote to this issue.

Click here to view and download a printable PDF with survey results.

For more information about Face-to-Face documentation requirements, or the physician survey, please contact Connie Colman via email or at 224-2232.